•    Dolphin Logistics provides the professional door to door service, the car fleet can delivery to every market around the world. The standardize of global car fleet management through independent development of TMS. Our car fleet system is good at managing every detail, car series, vehicle type, localization, and GPS services. Customers can use our land transportation system integrate services to track the diversity status of various places, to ensure that customers can be delivered to various regions of the world in the most efficient and safe way. Our transportation scope includes a large numbers of retail outlets, home appliance distributors, airports, harbor terminals, etc. The range of LTL transportation and distribution covers every area of Taiwan, helping customers to grow rapidly in the market.



  •    Dolphin Logistics has car fleets in every important strategic region around the world. We can integrate our own network’s transportation, providing sea, air, land, and rail services to provide customers with flexible and cost-effective cargo intermodal services. We are able to provide customers with cooperative development dedicated transportation services, backed by our company’s strong expertise and network capabilities, using TMS to flexibly integrate multiple transportation modes. We have more than 3,000 vehicles in worldwide can delivery any cargo through the intermodal network, covering all cargo types from high-value commodities to bulk cargo. Dolphin Logistics can design intermodal transportation plans based on customer needs and deliver your cargo to every corner of the world.